Fire start kit finished

I get a steel cigar box
that is suitable for fire kit.

I burn its paint to ashes
for looking like a antique object.

In the meantime, I remodel
a ferro rod handle,
near by my vegitable garden.

Fire kit is finished.
Striker, pyrite stone, ferro rod,
charclothe, charrope,
linen thread, fat wood.

Paint ashes is wiped out
with steel scourer.
I content myself with
my vintage look fire kit. :)


  1. Looks good! I used an Altoid can for mine; they're about the same size.

  2. Thanks Mr.Smythe! Altoids is imported in South Korea. But it could be got at large shopping mall. Because I live in a rural district, it is hart to get.

  3. I wondered how you had fared because you seemed awfully quiete.
    Expectably... You did important something! :)


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