The reminiscence of Dossaeul trail

In last summer, I've been to Dossaeul trail.
It is far about 100km from my house.

The distance across of the trail is 20km.
Unfrequented way is headed for the valley.

The summer was at it's hottest.
I had lunch in the shade.

My clothes were soaked with sweat.
It was hard to walk.

I washed myself in the mountain stream.
So refreshing! :)

Mossy rock at the waterside was refreshing too.

I set up the shelter at the water's edge.
UK army basha and wool blanket...

5.11 summer boots and pants,
DIY hatchet.

I had read a book of a master
of a Buddhist priest.

My evening meal on the collasible grill.

Early the next morning...

I want to go Dossaeul trail
in the near future.


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