Open my private camp site!

In last weekend,
I opened my private camp site. lol
It located in the mountains
nearest my house.

I had found the flatness
by 4m x 20m in the forest.
Though the forest is some poor,
it is well hiding from the outside,
sunny and silent.

Coolfish, my first invited guest,
presented some woodcraft.
A fallen tree is proper a natural shelter.

I was pinching because of a bad fire. :)

Hot soup and tea were coming along fine.

We drank some glass of wine. :)
The satisfactory night was far advanced.

I awoked with laziness.
A balmy sunday morning...


  1. Nice place you have their and a good camp set up.

  2. Looking forward to being invited, I remain :)

  3. Looks like a nice camp. It's nice to see that some folks are still doing some of the things I USED to do.


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