Trackin' the snow island...

In Oriental New Year's Day holidays,
I took a backpacking trip for 'Ulleung' island, with my wife.
The island is wellknown as volcanic landscape and snow.
It geographically far 150km from the east end of mainland.

Population of this island is about 8,000.
'Dodong' is capital.
We took a bus, for north area of island.

'Cheonboo' harbor, the center of north area.
There are boats used in cuttlefish.
The mountain that stays behind is 'Songgotbong'(drill peak).

We should go to 'Nari-bungi'(volcano crater basin)
For 1:30 climbing the snowway, we've accomplished.

'Nari-bungi'... Snow piled up 1.5m above.
We lodged in native's house.

Traditional native house is named as 'Tuhmacjip'
In the early, pioneers constructed this style of house.

Traditional bamboo ski...

Traditional snow shoes is named as 'Seolpee'

We crossed the basin,
and proceeded the deepest valley.

Our footprint...
We should go down, not prepared to sleep in the open.

North-east shore road,
lonely and meditative...

Coastal land-form

We returned to Dodong,
for second day lodging.

Final schadule :
walking on Dodong coastal road.


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